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Zone 414 is another Sci-Fi flick I chose to watch and it’s not because I am into Sci-Fi flicks it was more randomly chosen and I have to say it only is a B-graded movie even with Guy Pearce.

This movie is based in the near future and Guy plays a retired cop that has become an investigator he gets hired to investigate a client’s daughter going missing and David Carmichael Guy’s character is hired to investigate the missing daughter and well the movie goes for just over ninety minutes and within the first hour we investigate the missing daughter which was pretty linear and then for the last thirty minutes then David has to find out who is stalking the AI robot that is helping him with the investigation and well the same person that effected the daughter that goes missing is stalking the AI robot so the ninety-minute show finish pretty quick.

Look as a B-grade movie this is ok for a one-time watch.

I do not really recommend this movie as it’s a movie that you have seen before and there are better Sci-Fi films out there better than this.

This movie is rated R on IMDB and I do not think it’s valuable to watch so give this movie a miss.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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