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TV SHOW REVIEWS: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 3 (NETFLIX) 2022

By the Powers of Greyskull, I promise I am not starting a trend only to watch Sci-Fi I am not sure if watching Dune and Zone414 opened up a portal in space and trapped me in Sci=Fi land.

In season three we find Adam and his Masters of the Universe still in the battle with Skeletor and it’s one epic battle like no other. This season is a short eight episodes all episodes less than thirty minutes long and you could binge this series and be done with it in one day and not like me over two days.

We all know the story about Prince Adam, how he has to battle his uncle the evil Skeletor, and how the masters of the universe give him the power of the Sword to summon the power of Greyskull to protect Eternia and all its people.

The other big storyline is the one with Krass and Adam and how Krass is taken over by the evil green power of Havoc all because she wants to see her parents back and it takes all season long for her to realize the errors in her ways and come back to the side of good.

I am truly a fan of the original show and Netflix had the original show on their service until Matel took the rights yes the same company that gives us Barvie gives us He-Man and Matel made this purely CGI version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

The graphics throughout the three seasons are for me a little off-putting as it looks unnatural and the only time when the Masters of the Universe were going through some changes do you see the characters morph into something that looks like the original 80s characters.

Episodes seven and eight are an epic two-part finale that is worth a watch and well I am happy to have managed to finish the series well the story is left open for a fourth season and from my research sadly it seems that three seasons is all we get.

I heard rumours as well that there was supposed to be a movie live-action movie done as well?

Well, this as well has hit the scrapyard: “The live-action Masters of the Universe movie is no longer happening at Netflix. Kidscreen has confirmed that the streamer has axed the project after developing it for more than a year. The film was previously in development at Sony for several years before Netflix took it over in January 2022.19 July 2023″

It seems it’s all coming to an end the power of castle Greyskull has powered down for one last time.

All kids should be allowed to watch this it has mild animated violent scenes.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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