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TV SHOW REVIEWS: Homeland: Season 2 (DISNEY+)

I felt it was time to go back into the spy world again seeing how we we left off after season 1. At the end of season 1, we see that Brody is still siding with the bad guys even though what the Vice President in the show did to the terrorist son was unforgivable this cat and mouse game of revenge was still going on and in season two it continues.

We come back to that Carrie is kicked out of the CIA because of her wild allegations against Nick Brody and how she claimed that he is tied in with the bad guys.

I can assure you that after watching season 2 completely I can understand that the writers of the show really decided to go down the rabbit hole and it did not matter what occurred because if you think the main characters are safe will rest assured that like in real life when you’re dealing with terrorist acts no one is safe.

Carrie and the team are on the hunt for Abu Nazir after Carrie is asked by the CIA after she gets kicked out to go and speak to an informant because this informant refuses to speak to anyone else.

Carrie gets on a plane for the employees that fire her and meets with the person and things occur Carrie goes back to the place the bad guy they are hunting may have left some evidence behind and Saul manages to bring this back with some difficulty and this one piece of evidence is the one piece that will make Carrie sane again as we know what she had said all along was true about Nick Brody and this was enough evidence to bring him in for questioning and more.

There are so many twists and turns in this season even if you think you know what direction the story is going to take it ain’t what you are thinking. It’s amazing how much storyline can be done in a 12-episode-hour-long season.

This season we see the demise of Brody and Jessica’s relationship as they try to build it back up again but it can never be the same as he has come back from war, not the same man Jessica fell in love with and Jessica as much as she would like to fight it had already fell in love with Mike Brody’s best mate.

I highly recommend this show and series so far I can highly recommend the first 2 seasons without any doubt as it’s some of the best writing I have seen so far and again I am amazed how I did not watch this show when it was running during its actual airtime.

I can tell you why because once American shows all became Criminal Terrorist shows I wanted to see something else as you already see that stuff on the news and I did not want to see that with my TV shows so I stuck with comedies and things of a lighter nature. Seeing how we have streaming services like Disney+ it gives the audience a better time now to go back and watch what they want when they want It did not have to be based on a TV schedule.

I can say that this season was flowing so smoothly that you could binge this season if you had a chance in one sitting although you would have lost sleep and other things.

At the end of season two as soon as you think we are going to get some closure and see a happy ending literally a bomb goes off and we are floored by how deep the rabbit hole really goes. The last episode is I feel movie length.

Add this show to your Watchlist and you won’t be disappointed.

This is not a show for young kids an adult show with adult themes MA+15

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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