Ladies and Gentlemen it was time for me to go to my Netflix list again and see a movie that has been sitting on my list for a while now I had some time alone with no kids and wifey so I thought it best to watch a flick that I could never watch when they are around and I found The Gentlemen on my list and being a Guy Ritchie movie he does not make many bad movies and well I thought it was best to give it a go and then I could remove it from my list after.

Guy Ritchie makes another gangsta movie with so many twists and turns that like always he keeps you guessing and this was good however although the story was about the king of the weed game in England which is an American Ex-pat who is confusing himself.

The movie can be followed but to be honest, the storyline is something that Guy tries to make you invest in and it is told in some narration format nut after the first fifteen minutes once you get to understand the story you either are keen to know where this goes and ends but you can also end up like me thinking really should I care about this movie and this fake storyline?

I am thinking now this story would be awesome in novel format and not really movie format and I feel that it was thirty minutes too long just under two hours for this movie.

The cast is great and really does an excellent job telling this confusing Huy Ritchie story. I would think all actors in this movie would have to say an automatic yes for being involved in a Guy Ritchie movie.

The story is about a head gangsta played by Matthew McConaughey and he wants to leave the Mary Jane business However when word gets out that Michael Pearson wants out all of the minions come out of the woodwork to try and get one over Michael and well this is where the twists and turns come 1into the movie and this has to be the most twisty and turny rollercoaster I have ever seen.

While watching this all I could think about was the movie I watched before called “The Outfit” which I was comparing this to and honestly “The Outfit” was 100 times better.

There is a lot of over-the-top swearing as all gangsta movies have and the violence is up there with a fair deal of blood splatter but you really do not feel the splatter is horror blood levels.

Not suitable for kids and this would be best for big Guy Ritchie fans but if you’re not big on his movies this is not bad to kill time but if you give this a miss you have not missed much.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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