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MOVIE REVIEWS: Meg 2: The Trench (AMAZON & APPLE TV) 2023

Finally, the wifey and I got to sit down and watch a movie with well interruptions but we managed to get through the movie.

Wifey chose the second chapter of The Meg series and well let’s get it straight outta the way now rather than later the second chapter I felt was not as good as the first one. There are a lot more CGI scenes and on top of this it’s more unbelievable than the first movie.

Meg 2 The Trenches we deal with more than a big ass shark we deal with a big ass lizard plus and big ass octopus even Ursula from the Little Mermaid original or live-action remake would not stand a chance.

The good thing was that Jason Statham is back for the second instalment and I liked this because even though it was an unbelievable storyline you know that you were going to be entertained with Jason at the wheel.

After the first fifteen minutes, you jump on the ride and you just have to hold on and pray that the main cast does not see a watery death.

I look at the whole cast and besides Jason, the rest seem to be new members and if they are not well I do not remember them from the first movie.

The other aspect that both wifey and I were not happy with was the fact that for an American/English movie, there were a lot of subtitles. Half the movie we both were reading text on the screen. As the movie was produced with both American and Chinese money at the beginning you are reading subtitles as the language is a mixture of Chinese and English and it ain’t dubbed so be prepared to read even for a brainless action flick like Meg.

I would have to classify this as a foreign movie as well as a mixture of both.

In saying all this it’s still a decent two hours of pointless non-realistic action and if you are a fan of The Meg series then I would state watch this one as well.

Also, this is linked to the first part with Jason being in it. The second part has its own story so you do not have to really have watched the first one however it does help.

Meg 2 is left open for a third installment however I feel that this really depends on how well The Meg 2 does at the box office.

I would say this is a guy flick although my wife is into this kinda stuff The younger audience I would say is no younger than 10 and above as long as the kids understand this is fantasy make believe they should be allowed to watch this over-the-top film.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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