Season 6 of The Flash from the CW was it all it was sped up to be? well for me straight out of the gates I would have to say no this season 6 storyline was a mixed bag of storylines that I felt and found so confusing that I really wished they concluded the storyline however this did not occur the whole season 6 story arc felt like a setup for season 7 as season 6 was only nineteen episodes long so it was missing a few episodes as usually, each complete season is about 22 episodes long.

We have two new characters this season one being Bloodwork and I thought I had seen him initially on The Vampire Diaries spin-off called Originals. Still, after looking at his IMDB resume he was never on the show but was on another supernatural sci-fi TV show called Beauty & The Beast.

Bloodwork is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy he plays his role very well I am still on the fence to know if I should like him or not like him as he seems to want to heal humanity but at what costs should be the question because the good vs. bad line is crossed and at the moment he does not have any ethics he would not cross to get what he wants and the black bloodwork that oozes ou of him looks like some oil spill.

The second actor I would like to mention is Efrat Dor. She portrays Eva McCulloch, also known as Mirror Master. Efrat’s performance is strikingly good, as she skillfully portrays a character whose allegiance is not immediately clear. It is a slow burn until the end of season 6 when you finally find out which side she is on. However, there are also moral and ethical questions to consider. will ask yourself to wonder even if she is doing what she’s doing would you do this even if it’s morally and ethically correct under the circumstances?

Now as I said above this season is the most confusing of the cross-over episodes that affect the Arrowverse effect of The Flashverese more than any other I feel. This is why I feel season 6 is more of a bridge of building more of a storyline for season 7 than getting to a conclusion for season 6.

I do have to say I found season 6 the worst out of the lot so far and the hardest to watch and complete and I was glad to finish it others could have dropped off less than halfway through and given up on the entire show because of how badly it was done.

It will be some time before I come back and start season 7 as I need to watch something different I am nearly at the finish line three more seasons to go and then it is the end of the show and an end to an era and then I could start another Arowverse show but its more likely i would watch the cross over storylines across the multiple shows to get that cross over storyline complete and have a better understanding of how the crossover connects the dots in all the shows and universes.

That would be an epic review like a special easter egg review to watch all of them as a special feature and review it. Would any of my audience want those?

I’ll come to an end and say not the best probably the lowest review I would give this show and specific series.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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