I had an extra lazy Sunday and wanted to see how many movies I could get in before nightfall and well seeing how things are going I might even get in a third movie.

Netflix has a few movies on the way out and Monster Hunter is on that list I thought I should watch it before it disappears.

This is another husband-and-wife collaboration from Paul W. S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich. The Sci-Fi action couple that brings you the Resident Evil series.

The power couple bring you another video game adaption to a film from Capcom called Monster Hunter. The story begins with Captain Artemis and her team being teleported into a new world while they are patroling deserts and then all of a sudden they are teleported into another world with big ass over the top monsters.

The entire team gets teleported and is straight into the thick of it battling the giant CGI-created monsters that are way over the top and are definitely unbelivible.

While battling the monsters her team gets picked off one by one and like the Resident Evil movie series Mila is left to kick ass by herself however this time there is a character in the shadows.

We meet Hunter in the movie and he is one of the few lone survivors in the monster world and he is played by Tony Jaa. Tony Jaa as always comes in also kicking ass and it was interesting to see two alpha characters sharing the screen.

In the beginning, there is an action sequence between Mila and Tony that I feel was well choreographed for a fight scene however I do not feel that Mila could actually beat Tony in a real fight. The fight scene was good but again not realistic.

Stating this thought while watching this fight scene between the two made me think of the Tomb Raider reboot that occurred back in 2018 starring Alicia Vikander. I think the 2018 reboot should have starred Milla Jovovich this would have been more believable.

Circling back to the CGI in the movie for the most part it was okay and watchable however the monsters could have been better while I was watching the big fight it seemed with the small tiny humans vs. these over-the-sized monsters the CGI reminded me of the second instalment of Mortal Kombat Annihilation. This was poor and dragged out for too long the movie went for at least twenty minutes too long the final fight scene felt like a final boss level in a video game. Ohh, wait this is based on a video game. lol Well then it fit in but was not my cup of tea I wanted it to finish quicker.

The other memory I got while watching the over to top sized CGI monsters was that they started to breathe fire and I was like wait a minute I have seen this before and thought of the best show that was on HBO a few years back Game of Thrones and the whole Mother of Dragons part.

The final aspect of the movie that I want to discuss in regards to characters was there was an alien-type monster-affected cat that reminded me of Puss in Boots but on some sort of steroid plan.

The funny part was that he ended up chopping up food on a cutting board so the Ninja Cat turns into a master Sushi Chef something I would have never thought I would see.

Now in regards to the rest of the cast, you do have a few notable actors however besides Mila and Tony carrying the movie the other notable actors performed like they just wanted a quick pay day.

Also acting in the movie were Ron Perman, T. I and Meagan Good.

Overall this is a slightly over 90-minute action flick that is brainless you just escape and watch things blow up and you see big explosions and I would say this is straight to VOD and BluRay and DVD no cinema release on this one.

Looking at how the movie did at the box office from a budget of $ 60 million it only made back $44 million so as Wikipedia advises it was a disappointment.

Not suitable for kids under 13 I would say and even 13 year 13-year-old watch this with parental guidance I know it’s not realistic whatsoever but don’t come crying to me if you have bad CGI nightmares.

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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