Well, there it is Game, Set, and Match on an excellent emotionally powerful movie. Let’s get the elephant out of the room first and say I avoided this movie like the plague after what Will Smith did to Chris Rock I had put this movie in the same basket as Bad Boys: for Life.

However, when Netflix sends you a reminder that the movie is leaving on the 4th of October you have to make an exception to the rule and remember that this high-quality perfect movie is not just perfect because of one actor but the whole cast and it really was a team effort to get this as great as it was.

I have to give props to Will Smith although like many of us I do not agree with his actions at the Oscars he deserved the Oscar for Best Actor for King Richard, however, he should have taken a page out of Richard Williams’s book and like those bullies not fight back.

Richard Williams and the whole story of the Williams sisters and I mean the whole five of them reminded me of the bio from a long time ago that we saw about Jacksons: An American Dream.

Richard had the same fire and never-ending committed persistence for his family not to end up a statistic and always had a vision that he did not let anyone waver him from it this was strong and with a stronger woman behind him supporting him as Brandy Williams. Hats off to these two parents that made sure their kids strive for greatness.

Richard had that same level of commitment as I mentioned but did not seem to raise a fingernail to his daughters more power to him however he did stand up for the honor of his daughter and family.

I highly recommend this movie to be seen only because Richard Williams’s story needs to be told and spread to the world.

The one performance that stuck out for me besides you know who and the young women who played Serena and Venus was Jon Bernthal. You may be asking yourself where have I heard or seen that name before Jon played his role as Rick Macci?

Jon, you may remember him and he may look familiar because he was on what was on Netflix before and now is part of the Disney+ library a little Marvel superhero or anti-superhero TV show called The Punisher. That show was extremely violent and over the top and I have to say as much as Richard Williams pissed him off in this movie he is lucky that The Punisher character did not come out in this movie.

The Punisher character should have been invited to The Oscars to kick his ass after he slapped Chris Rock in the face.

Another little aspect I enjoyed in this movie was the timeline and how it was all around the time of Pete Sampras, Jeniffer Capriati Monica Sellars and players of that era and even the fact that we get to see Venus’s first match against Arantxa Sánchez Vicario the former number one player in the 1990’s

The sad aspect of racism is still present and what is sad about this is the fact that the ’90s were not that long ago and we are still dealing with this today in 2023 and the fact that we had black-on-black crime let alone in the movie and other cultures in the movie and then the UnFresh Jester of Bel-Air went ahead and did a whole art imitating real life made the whole thing go backwards.

Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor plays Brandy Williams the publicly unquestioning supportive wife of Richard Willams and the strength this woman had to allow Richard to keep pushing these girls to become world champions as he envisioned was amazing to show that this family was a tight loving family unit.

Now I get to the last two but definitely not the least important young women in King Richard and these are the two young women that played King Richard’s daughters Saniyya Sidney as Venus Williams and Demi Singleton as Serena Williams and the latter of the two Demi Singleton does anyone know if her dad or if she’s related to the late great film director John Singelton?

Miss Sidney & Miss Singleton are the heartbeat of this film and both bring out two of the best emotionally strong performances I have seen in a long time. I see them striving for greater and bigger roles to come and you can already see this if you look at their IMDB profiles.

This movie is not just a tennis or another sports movie it’s about a family full of a dream and they all stop at nothing to strive for their goals for the entire family to succeed it’s a great drama biopic in recent times.

Put your feelings aside of what happened with the Jester and watch this movie as an awesome story and you will see it’s more than just one person.

Great life lessons for a young audience to learn from.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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