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MOVIE REVIEWS: No One Gets Out Alive 2021 (NETFLIX)

Last weekend the wifey and I sat and watched this so-called horror thriller 90-minute flick from Netflix as we had a short window of time to sit and watch something together well, my wife is into the horror-thriller genre more than me, so I just went with it.

When you first sit and watch this film it’s very hard to follow and understand what the plot of this story is and all you understand is the girl is trapped in this horror house that she goes to initially for a boarding house as she is finding someplace safe to live and then she gets out and then gets lured back and then this is because she is promised money back etc.

This is when the games begin and although you understand it’s all about seeing if this girl can leave the house and survive is the whole story.

IMDB advises the following plot for the story and let me tell you the movie does not explain or show you this in any way. “After being forced to take a room in a boardinghouse, an immigrant in search of the American Dream finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape.”

This is explained to be an American Nightmare and no not Cody Rhodes from AEW & WWE.

This movie is more about jump scares and ghostly figures behind the girls in the movie and the sad thing is you see the eyes behind the girls and there is no scare.

Should it not be that you do not see the eyes more like a shadow of the ghost and then when the scare is about to happen the eyes light up causing you to actually have a jump scare?

This feels like a film student’s final exam to make a horror flick and as much as it is a good effort it ain’t great.

I have even now searched to see how much money this movie has made at the box office and there is no information available.

This is no kiddie movie so stay away if you are younger than 16 or 17.

I do not recommend this movie. Netflix please do us a favour and remove these types of movies from your service so you can leave other movies that should be main stayers on your service.

Do not bother with this one.

My Rating

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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