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Movie Reviews: Sinful (2020) PLEX, TUBI & AMAZON

No amount of Hail Marys would make you feel better after watching what I would classify as a movie that was made probably as a final college assignment.

some scenes may not be suitable for younger audiences

This movie is about two young girls who are on the run after they end another person’s life.

They go to a house that a friend tells them to go there and he will come to get the girls and they can make their final getaway and live free.

While they wait in this house it seems this house is possessed by an unworldly spirit and this is when the movie tries to become a horror thriller we’ll it tries hard to be scary but honestly it’s a yawn fest. I guess this is why it’s on all the free streaming services like Plex and Tubi.

IMDB describes this movie as: “On the run after committing a horrific crime, newlywed couple Remy and Salem find themselves trapped in a mysterious house as a terrifying darkness closes in on them.”

I found this movie to be so boring for a thriller horror flick that I pushed myself to stay awake for less than one hour and fifteen minutes waste of my time.

The bad guy looks like I think it’s the same guy from the Halloween series it looks like he has a both-sided phantom of the opera mask and it’s not a musical nor is it scary.

I can only hope that the two leading ladies that really held this movie up for the entire length of the movie have moved on to bigger and better projects than this one and I hope they got money for this film bad or good I would not be doing this for free.

The whole cast of this movie has three actors only and the story is nothing to write about I know I am writing about it consider this your public service announcement to stay away.

Nicole D’Angelo plays one-half of the newlywed couple her character is called Salem and she is newly married to Remy played by Christina Lo.

The masked man is played by Chris Spinelli and is called the masked man all he does in the movie is appear in some of the doorways and hallways of the house wearing the white mask, besides this, he does nothing and is not scary.

I have looked at all three actors’ IMDB lists of movies and tv shows they have been and I have not seen nor do I remember watching anything any of them have been in.

Hopefully, they will be in something that is going to be worth watching.

Absolutely not suitable for the kids as the subject matter is not appropriate nor is it even worth breaking the rules for.

Stay away from this film

My Rating

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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