Here we go again in a flash. Soon after watching season 6 of The Flash, I was back at it watching season 7 as season 6 did not end at season’s end but left you on a cliffhanger with Eva and her Mirrorverse.

Although season seven was a great addition to the overall Arrowverse and The Flash storyline what was hard to follow was the multiple storylines that we had to deal with this season and at the end of season 7 it truly was the end of an era when one of the main characters said goodbye to the show.

As teased above, we conclude with Eva and defeat her mirror verse family when we realize that Eva is the reflection and not the original Eva. The Mirrorverse storyline ends in a three-episode arc in season 7 and we get to see new foes after that.

From this storyline, we move ahead with meeting Abra Kadabra in episode four and we meet him again because there had been a change in the multiverse and now that we only have one universe Abra Kadabra blamed Barry for removing a like that he truly never had in the Arrowverse that he was part of only memories of another Abra Kadabra’s life from another verse and this episode was magical not in a good way but more like Voldemort and the dark arts.

In episode 5 we meet another new Meta called Psych and his whole premise is to go after The Flash and defeat him by scaring him and showing the good guys their biggest fears. This episode and a later episode this season episode 13 called Masquerade is what I would call attempts at teen horror and a low-level scare for young audiences. Lots of loud noises and flash scenes that should have a warning that it could cause seizures for some.

The next episode with an important storyline worth mentioning and this is not to say all episodes were not good but for me, it felt like watching a legal drama show like Suits or The Practice. People VS Killer Frost was a timely episode for me as in reality, Australia was facing a national vote for our Aboriginal people and this episode fell in this kind of place where people who were different were seen as different and not seen as part of everyday society also showing that people can change however we only focus on the past and not who they are and have become today.

The Flash episode is fiction however the horror nightmare that political parties did during the campaign putting Aboriginal people against each other and the rest of Australian people was the true nightmare that we would never live down and will always be part of Australia’s dark past.

As mentioned briefly above this season is the end of an era with one of the main cast stepping away and handing in his superhero costume. Cisco sends out Goodbye vibrations in episode 12 aptly named Goodbye Vibrations.

Cisco has had an epic wild ride for seven seasons on the show and has really grown to become his own man and he could also be his own leading man in his superhero show if he wanted to.

The only part of the storyline I did not like for Cisco was he was dating Danny Trejo’s fictional daughter on the show and they had great chemistry because of the storyline she leaves him to continue her time cop kinda ass kicking bad guys but also goes on a journey to finally catch the bad guy that she has been after for years and then just to complete the storyline Dany Trejo comes back to basically advise that she has died and makes peace with Cisco and after one episode of greaving for his past love he is back on the Kamila bandwagon.

Sidenote Kamila was great but why did the writers have to give her that name it reminds us of Prince now King Charles’s main squeeze Kamila The Queen Consort.

After Cisco leaves from episode 13 and as mentioned above we deal with the scaryness of a mental institution with a mind control episode for Cecil but this is when the end game comes into full effect for season seven.

We now have to deal with GodSpeed a villain that is present throughout the show but his storyline becomes a main focus and comes to a conclusion in season 7,

You think that Thawne is a truly bad guy you have not seen anything until you have seen GodSpeed and what kinda of the enemy he is to Barry and the team.

Ohh this reminds me of when watching the fight scenes with Team Flash and the GodSpeed Clones it feels like I am back in the 90s watching Power Rangers fight scenes and this in the flash looks like Team Flash is fighting The White Ranger. RIP Jason David Frank. This was funny but cool at the same time.

To finish off season 7 we have a family reunion with Bary Iris little Nora and Bart. Yes, they all team up to beat GodSpeed however the easter egg in this season for me is the true versatility of Bart and it is not about having a cowman but of what this actor that plays Bart can do I just wish they let him sing in the episode and not dub his voice over the singing part in the episode this may have occurred because sound quality when filming was not great and he had to go into a sound booth to record the song.

The only person that was missing in the final two episodes of season 7 should have brought back Wally for these two episodes and the show would have been a complete full family.

Jordan Fisher plays Bart West Allen and puts a beautiful ending to the season.

A better complete season than season 6. They could have ended the show here but we have 2 more seasons to go I hope they do not jump the shark in these two remaining seasons.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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