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MINI DOCU-SERIES: Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi (2022) NETFLIX


This is my review of the very serious docuseries on Emanuela Orlandi and I will be discussing religion and politics if you are sensitive to these subjects please understand that this is just my take on this sad horror story.

I wanted to watch something different since my last review and honestly, I did not plan the religious theme going from a fictional horror flick called The Nun II and then going to a real-life horror four-episode documentary called Vatican Girl.

Any fans of Dan Brown and The Davinci Code, well this is a real-life thriller-horror that happened inside and outside of The Vatican.

IMDB describes this as: A 15-year-old girl living in Vatican City, disappeared under mysterious circumstances that are believed to have involved the Vatican.

How does a 15-year-old girl and her family get mixed up and entangled in the world of the Catholic Church and The Vatican?

As a viewer of this show, you have to be prepared to be strapped in and it’s not just a rollercoaster but this is what I would like to call a show that takes you down the rabbit hole and whether you want to take the blue pill or red pill the true world is going to be shown to you and you have to be prepared and you have to realize that this is a true crime and it’s a real-life horror story that starts to be a scare that effects one family in The Vatican and then it turns out to be a worldwide horror story that has true life twists and turns and who done it like The Davinci Code.

We start with the story of Emanuela Orlandi and what happens on the day of the disappearance of the 15-year-old girl who is going to school and has to make her way as her older brother is being lazy and it’s an extra hot day although Emanuela’s brother never took her to school on this day he has not stopped looking for her and probably won’t until the very end.

I was going to mention this later down in the review but while I am here I think it is best to add it here when it comes to abductions of children or any family members after time passes the family just wants closure and although the missing family member is missing and probably resting in peace somewhere the family that is still living has stopped living its kind of a time stop on the living members as they need closure on this so they can move on and this goes into what I would say the living family needs this closure so that they can “Live In Peace”

The story goes down the path of Emanuela being approached by a man representing AVON who wants Emanuela to represent the brand and sell the makeup products which turns from a joke a ransom to a multi-decade unsolved disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi a 15-year-old girl that has levels of planned deceptions that go all the way up to the high levels of leadership in The Vatican.

Following this aspect of going all the way up to the top of The Vatican means that this was throughout the headquarters of The Catholic Church and up to The Pope.

Who was The Pope back in 1983 well it was John Paul II one of the longest-serving Pope that lasted till 2005. How did The Pope at the time get involved?

Well, the theory is that The Pope wanted to bring back the Catholic religion to his home country of Poland and this is when the catholic church went sideways in the modern era. The catholic church used to send money to the opposition political party in Poland so that they could get back into power and make it ok to practice the citizen’s catholic religion as at the time it was against the law to openly practice your religion. On a side note if you think this does not continue it does in other countries like Iran no matter what your religion is religious prosecution happens on either side of the fence.

Anyhow to get this money laundered and filtred without leaving a trace, one of the top leaders in The Vatican got in touch with one of the Banks in Rome and the owner and CEO of that bank devised a plan on how they could do this and the same time the CEO was dealing with laundering money for the Mafia as well.

This theory was that once The Mafia found out they went after The Pope and The Catholic Church because they knew The Church had taken their money and they wanted it back. It was time to get back at them at any cost and using an innocent young Vatican girl is another theory that The Mafia were behind this all considering it seemed they killed the CEO of that Bank.

To this day nearly 40 years have passed and we still haven’t had any closure to this sad tale and all this because The Catholic Church has kept the secret and the wall of silence up and it has gone down from John Paull II to the latest Pope. No religion or person male or female is above the law.

It’s amazing that going down to Pope Francis we have him telling Emmanueka’s brother that She is in Heaven

An innocent young girl and their family seem to have taken a bullet and doing time and I mean like a life sentence with no closure.

Religion in its purest form is to unify Humanity and when this occurs it’s not religion itself but the man-made errors and sins that we cause that make religion have a bad name.

A strong series that does not hold back and is still looking for answers if you do watch this be prepared.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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