We travel into the future in this Korean Scienfication action TV series that is really short and impactful. A show that has a simple plot that is based around a wealthy man and his son who control the population with segregation and create a three-tier class system that creates this post-apocalyptic world where only 1% of the population lives the good life. The rest are refugees and people that have no connection to any of the sectors try and qualify as delivery men.

This series reminds me of a blend of The Hunger Games as survival of only the chosen ones and the fittest makes it everyone else like the refugees in the series are left to perish. With the control of the oxygen with one family that monopoly keeps them in power and control of how the world’s society revolves around them and them alone.

The other movie that this series reminds me of is Death Race with Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson they have one major race at first it looks like the longest drag race you will ever see then it turns out to be something like Burnout Paradise City when you see the competitors that in the race to become the next delivery man are challenged by explosives and other objects that are put in the way.

Each delivery man is controlled by the young son and if the delivery men do not do what the family mainly the son wants each delivery man has a kill switch in their neck that with a flick of a switch and a tap of a button, the delivery man can die on the spot.

Only 6 episodes and under an hour for each episode you can smash this series in one sitting I have tried to look it up to see if there is going to be more than this first season but nothing has been advised yet only to say is that if there is going to be a second season it will be in 2024 or 2025. I guess we will have to wait and see if this gets picked up for a second season.

You have to watch it to near the end of the last episode and it has a great message that is still relevant to this day.

It has a lot of futuristic gun and martial arts violence and I would recommend the youngest audience member would be around 13 and above and bring an action series this is mostly for the male population.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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