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Cypher is an old movie that I was not sure if I had watched back in 2002 and then five minutes into it realised that I had watched it but did not remember anything about what I watched neatly 20+ years ago.

Back in the day, Lucy Liu was a draw to any movie I am not saying that she is not still but in regards to this movie, Lucy is the only familiar name no one else is anyone that I know of.

This movie is about a middle-aged man who is picked by his security spy company to go undercover and find information and data about a rival security agency and gather information from them and bring it back to his company there are so many twists and turns and double agent vibes that you end up not knowing which side the spy is on.

Vincenzo Natali, I checked his IMDB and can tell you that he has not been directing a movie from 2013 to 2014 and after this, he has been directing the regular to 2022 but directing TV series and it seems that Vincenzo Natali specializes in Science Fiction shows and horror shows I guess if you have found your niche stick to it and keep going.

Jeremy Northam is a name that does not automatically seem familiar but he has played in some notable shows like The Crown and Offical Secrets, The Man Who Knew Infinity and Eye in the Sky. His role in this movie is layered on top of layers of who his character is and just because of this it is worth watching it seems that he is kind of melancholy and down in the dumps but when the twists happen and like I said I watched it before and did not remember the ending watching it again now all these years later it felt like new and was worth watching the second time.

Lucy Liu plays the mysterious Rita Foster and you are not sure what side she is on? Is Rita a good guy or a bad guy?

Both Jeremy and Lucy cart this movie and is a quick ninty minutes you can sit and escape and enjoy yourself trying to figure out what’s going on.

I do not recommend this for young audiences as it is Rated R+18 it’s more got this rating because of the subject matter and it’s got a strange middle movie scene that shows some brainwashing and that’s something very strange.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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