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Featured Software – Tree Size Free

Ample Blaze has decided to write up articles of any software that can be helpful to any of our users.

A few months ago we posted about keep your computer clean with Malware scans Anti-virus scans etc. You can find this article here ==> Ample Blaze PC Clean Up Guide This months featured software is Tree Size. Now this software has a free version and a paid version. The free version does what you want anyway mostly you just want to search. Tree-size free will do a search like the above image and then it will show you the top level folders and it will be organised based on folder size, showing you the biggest folder on the top and then it has a little arrow that you can expand and go through to the sub-folder that can be taking up the most space.

The beauty of this program not only is it free but you can also right click on any folder level and open the folder within windows and you can jump to that location.

The user then can manage and modify what they want within the jumped folder.

However, the sub-folders can be hidden windows system folders that you may want to contact your IT person to make sure what you are removing will not effect your computer

Just my two cents on what I think can be a helpful little tool.

What is TreeSize
Even in the times of cheap terabytes a final truth remains: Sooner or later every hard disk will near capacity. But there is help! TreeSize Free tells you where precious disk space has gone. Use the treemap to keep an eye on your disk space. Besides German and English, TreeSize Free can be installed in Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Tree-size Features

Find space hogs – clean up hard disk space

Break down hard disk space usage right down to file level: Explorer-like overview shows the size of all subfolders.Use the treemap to visualize disk space usage.Scan network shares and cloud drives.Visualization of folder sizes via a colored bar in the background facilitates easy orientation.TreeSize Free displays all files and folders compressed with the formats LZX and XPress as well as NTFS compression rates. Whole folder branches can be compressed via NTFS.Access your disk space manager at any time: TreeSize Free can be started from the context menu of folders or drives.Start TreeSize Free with administrator rights and scan files you cannot access without opening them. Data protection guaranteed.

Monitor free space on smartphones and mobile devices

TreeSize Free scans smartphones and mobile devices via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and WebDAV.

Quick overview over file information

The column view offers detailed information about files and folders: size, occupied disk space, number of files, last acces, owner etc.Filter scan results according to different criteria and according to patterns you create. Patterns can be matched as wildcards, regular expressions, or whole name.The filter preview shows the impact your patterns will have.Switch between simple view and column view at any time and print your scan results.Use the intuitive touch interface on touchscreen devices (Windows 8 and higher).

Small, fast, secure

TreeSize Free uses the Master File Table (MTF) for scans of local NTFS drives and thus guarantees ultra-fast scans.The handy utility occupies minimal disk space and can be run from USB sticks without a hitch.Use the U3 download to install TreeSize Free on U3 USB sticks and run it

Treesize Download

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